The Clarence Hotel

The Clarence is situated on the corner of Silver Street, Bury. Now officially called the Duke of Clarence to try and posh it up, it will always be the "Clari" to its regulars. Silver St is at the heart of Bury town centre, which itself not being large, means that the Clarence sits on the corner of the rat run (or should that be rat trap?), for the weekend bingers. Possibly this is where the problem lies-it doesn't need to try too hard. Originally it was a tied house of Vaux, the Sunderland brewer that shamelessly sold out and then proceeded to disappear up its own arse. In those days it boasted a large upstairs room where many a teenager surreptiously topped up their Samson bitter with a cheaply bought can. After Vaux folded, it went keg and cask ale has only made fleeting appearances since.

It now consists of a single room with a bar at one end and a fireplace at the other. There is also a raised drinking area that is now (stupidly), taken up by a pool table. Beer choice is poor. Apart from a lack of cask, there is no decent bottled selection, with Becks being as adventurous as it gets. Ok, it's got scantily clad girls doing karaoke on a Sat night, but apart from that, its not got much going for it. Some of the clientele (who are old enough to know better), actually spend the whole evening there. I can only hope it's the karaoke girls that's the attraction, otherwise they need to get a life. By no means the worst in Bury, but it could do much better


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