The Crescent

The Crescent is just up the road from the New Oxford, or is the New Ox just down from the Crescent-well it all depends on you're perspective. Either way, the Crescent has been on the drinking map of Manchester for a long time now. Ably run for many years by Ida and Sal, it is now under new management. Fears that standards would drop have been unfounded, and the quality and range of beers is good. The pub itself was described by Tandleman ( as being down at heel and lacking vibrancy. That's probably fair as it could do with a lick of paint, and can be quiet outside peak times-ie sat afternoon-unless there is a festival on, when it can be packed. Anyway I prefer it that way, and if you have two pissheads, sorry beer connoisseurs, with you, you create your own atmosphere. Today, I tried Hydes Harem Scarem (slightly malty sweetness), Roosters Spercial (very pleasant), and Beowulf Chiller (light and crisp hop) which was the best of the bunch.


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