The Dusty Miller

The Dusty Miller is located on Crostons Road , at a busy road junction, just outside of Bury town centre. It's a Moorhouses ( tied house and sells a range of their beers. For many years it was in the Good Beer Guide, but under the new management beer quality has been generally under par. However, I'd heard quality was improving, hence a spot visit was required. There have also been reports of what some of the "mixed" clientele have been up to, despite the warning notices. And indeed, last time I was in, I was party to a conversation about the merits of Moroccan Brown. However, as this is not the good hash guide, I shall concentrate on the beer. Which, was to be fair, very good.

The Premier was crisp and refreshing, but even better was the guest beer-Abbeydale Brimstone. With the range of Moorhouses on offer, the pub has struggled to sell much of the guest beers. So it was with a little trepadation that I tried this one. I needn't have worried. This 3.9% was in excellent condition and bursting with flavour. An amber beer, it had a fruity, lemon citrus aroma, that led to a crisp, bitter taste offset by a hint of spice. The finish is long and dry. This beer certainly packs a punch well above its strength and makes for an great session beer.

An excellent visit. The place is looking good (as was the barmaid, btw), if a bit quieter than of old. Is the Dusty returning to the fold of good beer? Only time and more supping will tell...


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