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Sunday, 10 February 2008

The English Lounge

The English Lounge (www.englishlounge.co.uk/) is on Manchester High Street and is part of the so called N/4. Once an Hogshead, it's now a smart, two storey, pub that sells itself as a dining establishment. The beer range has vastly improved over time and there are usually several cask beers on offer. However, tonight it was busier than usual (some sort of do on), and the range of beers was severely curtailed. However, the Hobgoblin sampled was on good form, and although this isn't my favourite beer, it was pleasant enough.


Paul said...

Pleasant enough is all you can say about Hobgoblin. Was this the new lower strength version I wonder?

Tyson said...

Must admit, I didn't clock the strength, but it seemed to lack any bite. As I say although I'm not a massive fan of Hobgoblin anyway, pleasant if unremarkable was the general view.