Gone to the Dogs

Serious news brings me scampering to the Dogs tonight. The local Camra branch have overlooked the pub for next year's Good Beer Guide. Understandably, the landlord is less than happy and I think it's fair to say that Camra won't be getting a Christmas card this year. Unfortunately, little I could do but offer sympathy. Leaving out the main real ale pub in Bury will dent the guide's credibility, but by the sound of it, there will be a few prominent ommissions next time round anyway.

Serious discussions require serious drinking and I must admit to being a wee bit greedy tonight. The beer choice was just too good! 4 Outlaws-special mention to Boneshaker (5%) a superb Phoenix Snowbound, and George Wright White Eagle (4.4%) were all too much. Hop overload led to one very happy, but tired beerhound.


steve said…
Scandalous that Bury's premium real ale pub is being ignored by camra. Wankers!

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