The Good Samaritan

The Good Sam is on Peel Brow, Ramsbottom. It's part of the famous Rammy Mile, with the two best pubs (here and the Hare & Hounds), being either end of the crawl. They both just happen to be my local-starnge that, eh? The Sam consists of a front room and a back room that use to house a pool table before the present landlord got rid, as it was only attracting scrotes. Roger, the present landlord, turned the fortunes of the pub round and made it the cracking local it is today. A good mix of regulars are always on hand for a chat, and you know when the firemen are in-you can't get to the bar! Beer wise, Roger has built the range up to 5 real ales. Lees Bitter is always on, as is the sublime Copper Dragon Golen Pippin. Out of the 3 guests, one is always a dark beer and Bank Top beers are always popular with the locals. On this occasion, despite being tempted by the Bowland Stout, I stuck with the Pippin and wasn't disappointed. It was clean, crisp and very, very, refreshing.

The Sam is easily accessed by the 472/474 buses from Bury, or for that special occasion, you could travel on the ELR which stops nearby.


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