Help Me Thro'

The Help me Thro' is a tied Thwaites house on Crostons Road, Bury. For over 40yrs run by the legendary Reine Dearden, last year the pub got a new lanndlord and a makeover. Sympathetically restored to its fromer glory, it's a rare example of a multi-roomed terraced local. There is now a drinking area out front, as well as seats for the smokers at the back. Food has also been introduced and with improved opening hours, trade has steadily returned. Most importantly, cask ale has returned, with two usually on offer. Today it was Thwaites Original & Wainwrights. The latter of these at 4.1% and pale blonde in colour is probably the best beer Thwaites currently do, although it's hard to source cask Mild often enough to definitely say. Wainwrights is a little sweet, but easy going enough to warrant a pint or two. Unfortunately, the notoriously strong Thwaites yeast still leaves you with that Thwaites twang in the finish, which knocks it down a mark or two.

The Help Me Thro' is a great local and definitely one of the best Thwaites pubs in Bury.


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