I don't like Mondays

Well who can argue with "Sir" Bob? Deciding the Monday Blues needed shaking off, I found myself in Choice. This is a light, airy, bar/restaurant in Castefield, Manchester which has a good reputation for both food and service. Apparently popular with media types, it's always quiet when I visit off peak. They are currently having a winter sale, which provided the excuse for a visit.

Choice has always been better than the average gastro bar in terms of beer choice, but I was pleased to see they had added to it. Apart from the likes of Erdinger etc they have several English bottled beers, including now, Ginger Marble. However, it was Dunhma Massey Deer Beer which caught my eye. Having had several of their beers at the Dogs, I was intrigued to try what was a new one for me. Deer Beer-well it was about £3.40, but it was bottle conditioned. At 4.5% it had the bitterness I've come to expect from DM beers, but with a definite toffee twang. I hope to try it in its cask form to make a comparison.

Hops were soon replaced by the grape as there were some good reductions to be had. The Marc Ducournaun Grand Heron wasn't bad (for a French wine), but the antipodean Yering Frog blew it away in terms of refreshing the palate. Now getting into the groove, a quick calculation revealed that Marlborough St Clair Sauvignon Blanc (an old friend), was £8.25 a glass, but only £17.20 a bottle. So bottle(s) it was. Oh, and the food wasn't bad either. The marinaded Haddock was tasty and well presented, but as usual the Cheese Board was the star. Excellent British cheeses with matching biscuits and a very tangy relish. Now you can have whisky with this, but I've tried that and I'm not convinced that the combination works. So it was Port for me-who says Mondays have to be blue?


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