Love in a Cold Climate

"What do you get when you fall in love?

You get enough tears to fill an ocean

That's what you get for your devotion"

Deep philosophy in the Railside last night. Love was in the air, forcing us to ponder the truism of Bacharach and David's words as we gazed upon the enthralled, energetic, lovers opposite. Bob the Builder and Rita the Meter Maid (apparently actually a school dinner lady), were so busy with each other that they barely touched their Kelham Island Scrumptious. Personally I don't blame them , as this 4.2% was a disappointment, being drinkable, but lacking any features of interest. Even worse was Titanic Iceberg. This is usually very reliable with good crisp hop notes. Tonight it had a taste of burnt malt that was very unpleasant. Much better was Okells Smoked Porter (4.8%), were you could taste the smoked liqourice. There was only one beer to finish on though-Ginger Marble. This 4.5% baby has a very distinctive ginger kick and after 4 pints I was fully gingered up.
As for Bob and Rita, the reason for their happiness soon became obvious. They were married , but not to each other. They were enjoying a romantic tryst away from prying eyes, plus, as they said, Cheddar Valley gets you going. One of my companions cynically noted it gets him going alright-straight on the loo. Anyway, soon they were away in the cold night. Off to enjoy a parkup in the deserted darkness by the side of the Fernhill Depot. For non Buryites, that's a council waste dump. Who says romance is dead?


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