The New Oxford

The New Oxford (, is tucked away in Bexley Square, Salford. Light and airy in the modern bar style, it consists of two rooms and 10 handpumps. Landlord Tin has steadily built up the trade, until today it is one of the must visit pubs of Manchester. Particularly popular with scoopers, there are regular beer festivals where you need to get in early to grab a seat. It's also a good place to catch all the Man Utd games, but honestly thats not the reason for it being my Manc local. It's the mix of good beer (and food), and the relaxed atmosphere. Oh, and then there's the incredibly cheap jukebox-every chart hit since 1952. Today it didn't disappoint either, with the best on offer being the Marston Moor Homeward Bound, which was light with a crisp hop finish. One pint led to four, so it must have been good. Also tried was Blakemere Tasty Blonde which would have been (tasty that is) if not for some diacytol in the finish.


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