The Old White Lion Hotel

Hurrying on my way to one of Bury's many salubrious real ale haunts, I took a short cut through here. Unusually, it still retains a back and front entrance, with the revolving door at the front being the last of its kind in Bury. Handily, the back door is right by the Gents, so you can call in and relieve the pressure without the guuilt of having to pass the bar. Being brazen, I did have a nosey round, as it does have a lot going for it. Still no real ale available, but it did have a good mix of Sunday clientele. Ironically, when Bury centre was shedding cask (pre TS etc), the Lion persevered with it, and, being residential, was notorious for its lock-ins. Going further back to the days of real Boddingtons, I remember being refused service because I was wearing jeans.

Time and trade has taken its toll on the Lion, but it wouldn't take too much to restore this back to where it belongs-at the heart of Bury's drinking scene. It (uniquely for the centre),retains its multi-room layout, has a good base of customers to draw on and, of course, has location. A bit of tlc, overhaul the kitchen and regulars would flock back. Oh, and there's the matter of cask, of course. Putting the pumps to use would be nice. And save it from just being useful as a pit stop.


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