Safely back in the home country, Eddie suggested a central pit stop. Discarding the Crown & Kettle on the grounds of decent ale choice, we played safe and settled in the Smithfield. Facers Northern County (3.8%) is usually a safe bet, but today the overall affect was spoilt, yet again, by a trace of diacytol. Much better was Acorn Bloomfield (4.5%) which was golden, had a medium body, and a refreshing zesty citrus hop kick. Just what was needed at this stage of the proceedings. Watching Don Ricardo struggle through his 15th pint, I realised it was time for this beerhound to head to a kennel nearer home, so we left Eddie curry hunting and scampered homeward bound.

A very enjoyable day out with lots of good beer and good company.


Tandleman said…
Ah. Don Ricardo. A sleepy head indeed
Joanne said…
Is this the guy Jenny calls Cinderella?
Tyson said…
Don Ricardo is an international man of mystery and is known by many names. "Cinders" is one of them I believe.
Linda said…
Is he the one who felt me up in here last time you were in here?
steve said…
That looks like Ritchie from Walmersley park.Nothings changed in 40years then.

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