Three Pigeons

The Three Pigeons dates from 1932, and is currently owned by Ossett Brewery. It's a fantastic boozer with 3 rooms surrounding a central bar. If the pub and beer weren't enough excitement, on entering, we discovered that the mighty Man U were already 2-0 up. Cue joyous outpourings in all quarters! Well, in a corner that will forever be a part of Manchester, anyway. But spare a thought for poor Eddie, the eager, legal, beagle. Amidst much gnashing of teeth, it emerged that the mighty Barnsley had dispatched his beloved Liverpool. What choice did he have, but to throw himself on the mercy of the beer? Luckily the beers were very good. Ossett Pale Gold (3.8%) was another beer that featured American hops, and delivered a spicy, floral, finish. Ossett Snowdrop (4.2%) was also pale, but delivered a more fruity/spicy mix. I also tried Saltaire Chocolate Stout (5%) which apparently uses Willamette hops. I couldn't detect any in the beer I had, but the chocolate and oatmeal feel was quite pleasant


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