The Trackside

The Trackside is located in the centre of Bury, less than five minutes walk from the travel interchange. Getting its name from the fact it is on the platform of the East Lancs Railway (, it is naturally popular with trainspotters and their ilk. However, the plus side is, although centrally placed, because of its location, it's not on the rat run of the alcopop/fosters minions. Known to aficionados as the Railside, it's Bury town centre's only free house and offers a wide selction of cask ale (& cider), and foreign bottled beers. Regulars to look out for include Mick, Nazi Dean and, if you're unlucky, Scrounging Bernard.

Inside consists of one rectangular room with a door leading to the rail platform and the outside toliets. Food is served lunchtimes only and is of the cheap and cheerful kind. At one time, the table nearest the bar was known as "Smokers Corner" . Here Fagash Lil' would hold court with her nicotine cronies whilst attempting the Sun crossword. Since their banishment to the platform, things have improved and one no longer has to face, smelly, overflowing ashtrays. However, the sticky table syndrome persists and the ELR could do with lavishing some TLC on their golden goose.

But what of the beer, you may ask? Luckily its mostly in very good nick. Service can vary as some of the staff aren't the brightest bulbs in the box, but "Streaker" Dean tries to keep things on an even keel. On this occasion, choice and quality were both excellent despite Dean's absence through illness. The best of the bunch was Millstone Tiger Rut, which delivered a zesty, citrus hop and a good dry finish. I had sampled this beer several days ago, when it was, perhaps, a little green.-no such problem now. Oddest of the other's sampled was Blakemere's Snowy Owl. This, despite, being a pale gold beer, lacked the qualities I associate with blond ales. There was no crsipness and a burnt maltiness lingered that forced my companion to leave his. I didn't think it was that bad, but Northern/Blakemere will be going in the ref's book with a yellow card.
All in all, a very satisfactory session that backs the Trackside's status as one of the best pubs in Bury.


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