The Waggon & Horses

The Waggon & Horses is situated on Walmersley Road, about half a mile out from the centre of Bury. A large roadside boozer, it's actually the first pub you encounter on the main drag. Not that long ago, there were several pubs on the way into Bury-both on the main road and in side streets. Now they are all gone and the Waggon is the first stop for thirsty travellers. Which is very unfortunate as it has very little to offer. Once a Whitbread local with tap room and lounge, it was opened up many years ago and cask beer is but a distant memory. The recent addition of a smokers brolley hasn't broadened its appeal. It's frequented by either sad punters who have seen their (and the pub's) glory days come and go, and sit there nursing their Guiness. Or there's the ubiquitous "yoof" clientele. Another one that could do much better.

Best avoided.


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