Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday-an opportunity for quiet reflection and family gatherings. Super Sport Sunday-an excuse to indulge and imbibe with a bunch of drunks down the local ale house. Tough choice, but after deep reflection (2 seconds at least), I found myself in the Dogs with all the other beer and football zealots. As usual there was high drama and tears, and that was just choosing the beers.

Bank Top Leprechaun Stout (5%) was declared “even better than Guinness” by one obviously well versed connoisseur. Indeed, it was hard to argue with that, as the hint of blackcurrant made for quite a tasty pint. College Green’s Molly’s Chocolate Stout (4.2%) was also unusual, with roast oats, and a coffee bite, to add to the obvious chocolate notes. This exotic blend must have gone straight to Farting Freddie’s head, as he rashly tried a Boggart. When will people learn??? Boggart Dark (4.2%) was tart, then sour, then earthy-in that order. Completely undrinkable by any reasonable palate standards.

When the first goal came, I was already washing my mouth fresh with the second pint of Bazens Bent Over (4.4%) which was light and moreish. With Mascherano’s red card came Coastal Golden Hinde (4.3%) which proved golden, with a good hop/malt balance that meant I stayed with it for the duration. No need to dwell on the mix of hope and despair that the final whistle brought-and that was just the queue for the toilet. Time for a change of venue and the chance to see the London pansies fight it out. A phone call from Rog at the Sam had reassured me that he had sourced some Golden Pippin. So it was round there for some celebratory drinking. I also picked up some local pub news that I will have to investigate at some point. And there was still time to squeeze in a curry. Sundays-you gotta love’em...


The Beer Nut said…
It's always good to see some Irish beer getting out and about, though the Molly's was getting mixed reviews at the Cork Easter Beer Festival. I was one of the that's-too-thin-for-a-decent-stout brigade, I'm afraid.
Tyson said…
Fair point. It's not my sort of drink anyway, but I take the point that its not a good representation of the style.

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