How much is too much?

Oh woe is me. It’s doom and gloom all round. Grown men crying in their Babycham and pain etched in their faces. What’s the matter, old boy? First the mighty Utd throw it all away at home, and then those buggers with rugger balls get beaten by the kilt wearing brigade. It’s enough to drive a man, never mind a beerhound, to drink. And then, amongst this carnival of tears, the topic of the £255 pint comes up for discussion.

Carlsberg have produced just 600 bottles of Jacobsen Vintage No 1. This 10.5% barley wine has taken two years to brew and with a 375ml bottle size, it equates to £255 a pint. Apparently it tastes like an intense mix of caramel and sherry. Which actually doesn’t sound too good. However, it’s been acclaimed by some “beer experts”, who claim it will change your perception of beer forever. And each bottle comes complete with an original lithographic print by Danish artist Frans Kannik. Probably could have done with a couple of them yesterday. Certainly a round or two on them would change your financial perception! But are they really worth it, old boy, I hear you ask? Patently not, but I must admit I wouldn’t mind trying one. After all, curiosity killed the cat, not the beerhound.

It doesn’t seem likely that I will get the opportunity to sample them, as half have already been sold, and I can’t see Tandleman buying up the other half. So I shall leave the last word to someone who has tried it. According to Ian Meakes, a project manager from Essex, “it tastes like the dregs at the bottom of a can of Becks.”

Yummy-perhaps it’s worth it after all...


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