I do like Mondays

"Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be."

Well, it wasn’t bad anyway. Apparently it was gale force weather throughout Britain, and according to the news you shouldn’t venture out unnecessarily. I have to say that Manchester has seen much worse-note to Met Office; the South Coast does not constitute the whole of the country. Not that I could actually see much of it from my dining table at Innfusion. This is the restaurant at Jury’s Hotel on Great Bridgewater Street in Manchester. Pretty standard offerings, but they seem to have done it up a little since my last visit. The hotel bar is now known as the Inntro (geddit) Pub which seems a little optimistic, but it’s pleasant enough as far as these places go. However, this beerhound doesn’t settle for pleasant, and so it was time to move on to something more challenging.

Luckily that was provided by the Britons Protection just next door. This is one of the finest boozers in Manchester and has long been a hangout of mine. The multi-roomed historical interior is worthy of a look anytime and the beers usually in good nick as well. It’s also famous for its range of whiskies, but more of that in a moment. Although there were several casks available to sample, I plumped for Robinsons, knowing it’s easy to settle into a session on it. And so it proved, with tart biscuit flavours making it very moreish. However, the temptation to sample the whisky range proved just too great.

Deanston (12yr) proved light, quite smooth, with an interesting nutty twang. The Dalwhinnie (15yr), was pure gold in colour with a very firm body and honey notes. It drank very well with the malt giving way to a light peaty texture before a long, satisfying, finish. Very impressive. Even more so was the Lagavulin (12yr) which was pale-amber in colour and was very complex indeed. A smoky, sherry, flavour, gave way to an intense dry, peaty, body. One to linger over definitely. That was followed by---ok, I can’t quite remember, but then again I’m a beerhound, not Oz Clark!


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