Recap time

A busy week of intoxication. As they say “those who can, drink, and those that don’t, write about it.” Well, if they don’t say that, they should. Ah, so much beer, and so little time to write about it. Meaning only honourable mentions for Monday’s escapades in deepest Lancashire, and Tuesday’s session with the Whitefield Holts Bandit. Alas, I fear his days as our answer to Lance Armstrong are numbered, as he is currently seeking an Edith Cavell to soothe his cycle-induced injuries. Any ladies with a nurse’s outfit and soft hands are welcome to apply for the position.

A jolly evening jaunt to the George Wright Brewery ( at Rainford was Wednesday’s treat. I’ve long been a fan of their beers and jumped at the chance to sample them from the source. A very smart setup indeed, particularly for a micro of this size. We were provided with tables and chairs, some heating, and a bar with a choice of three ales. What more could a beerhound want! The presentation, by brewer Keith Wright, was both professional and entertaining. And the beer was very good as well. Stopwatch Sid and the Wallsend Wonder weren’t the only ones impressed. Cheeky Pheasant (4.7%) was fruity and satisfying, its taste belying its strength. Blonde Moment (4%) was even better, with a golden hue and a smooth well balanced hop feel. Apparently primarily aimed at the female drinker, it appealed to more than a few metrosexuals present as well. Best of all was Pipedream (4.3%) which is straw coloured and flavoured with Chinook hops. This gives it a very moreish bitterness that demands you try it again. And again, as some people plainly did…


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