Saturday Sport

This was more like it. Ronaldo secures the three points, England thrash Italy, Arsenal only draw, and then there was Wales. If that wasn’t enough to excuse a celebratory pint, then Google provides more. Apparently, I’m top of the search pile for anyone looking for “diacytol”. Well, I was, but a search today reveals I’ve slipped down to no 3. Such is the fleeting moment of fame. Anyway diacytol, diacytol, diacytol, diacytol-that should do the trick!

After yesterday’s adventures and with a day’s worth of sport to keep an eye on, I find myself once more at the Dogs. Dark Star Espresso (4.2%) is a classic of its type but one is enough on this occasion. White Park (a new brewery to me) at 4.5% was interesting. Reddish-brown, it had a smoky malt aroma which developed into a roast flavour that was perhaps a little too harsh. Dark Star Spring Equinox (4%) was much more like it. Pale and beautifully balanced, it eschewed the obvious (if tasty) option of overwhelming early hops, in favour of a long bitter finish. A great trade off that made for a very moreish pint. Pity some thirsty buggers drank it all. Rooster’s Cream (4.7%) was never going to match it and an alternative was quickly sort. The shock replacement was Northern-Night To Remember (4.2%) which was tawny and came with low expectations. However, there were good old fashioned English bittering hops on show here resulting in a pleasing bitter finish. Also worth mentioning is Keystone (yes, another new brewery to me) Cheer Up (4.6%) which was a tawny Porter with Fuggles hops clearly in there somewhere.

Unable to resist, and needing a change, it was time to hit the Robin Hood in Helmshore again. Copper Dragon as a nightcap is all that needs to be said here…

And then once more Pizza Pioneer came to the rescue of a tired, hungry, beerhound-God Bless Em’.


Tandleman said…
Given your search for fame, you might not wish to know that the correct spelling of "diacytol" is actually "diacetyl". Correct spelling is likely to knock you down even more places!

Ah fame.It is indeed a fleeting thing!
Tyson said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tyson said…
Ah that explains why I was no 1 then! I was so surprised I never even noticed. Think I was reading an American review beforehand which obviously confused my little, tired brain.
Boak said…
I think I love everything Dark Star do. The six-hop ale seasonal is great, and we were knocked out (almost literally) by their Imperial stout, which clocks in at 10.something%
Tyson said…
I agree Dark Star are one of the most consistent brewers around. Don't think I've had a bad one of theirs.

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