Sunday Morning Coming Down

"On the Sunday morning sidewalk,
Wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.
'Cos there's something in a Sunday,
Makes a body feel alone.

The glum mood at Tyson Towers hadn’t yet completely lifted. The hospital visit of Baroness T which had briefly lifted spirits had proved a disappointing false alarm. And then I had the misfortune to turn on the goggle box and catch The Andrew Marr Show. Who was doing the paper review but Kelvin Mackenzie. Amongst the many media arseholes out there, he truly is a prince. I’ve never heard a sober person talk so much unmitigated rubbish in such a short time. Quite an achievement really. Having dismissed the notion of child poverty in less than two minutes, he turned his glaring intellect on to a much more serious subject-pubs. Apparently he’s an expert on why these are closing, as well. Unfortunately, his favourite preface seems to be “The truth is,” which immediately tells you it’s the opposite. I got so mad I nearly choked on my duck croissant. Another one to add to my list of people, who, should we meet, will get a frank and fair exchange of views.

So it was time to take things upbeat. And what else better to fill the empty void of Sunday (apart from sex, obviously) than alcohol? It was all Tandleman’s fault. His waxing lyrical about Copper Dragon had given me thirst pangs. And, so it was, Sunday’s session was spent in the Robin Hood in Helmshore. This lovely little Copper Dragon tied pub soon had me back in sorts. Packed with locals, and a roaring fire, it’s just the sort of place to enjoy a few pints before tucking into your Sunday roast. I made do with several pints and a £1.60 cheese and tomato roll from M&S. Black Gold (3.7%) was very palatable, but Best Bitter (3.8%) was even better with a well balanced mix of malt and hops, leading to a pleasing bitter finish. Challenger IPA (4.4%) was deliciously fruity and very easy drinking. Golden Pippin needs no explanation and always delivers the money shot.

Just time for a couple in the Dogs-well it is on the way home, isn’t it? Bushy’s Buggane (4.4%) didn’t do anything for me, possibly because everyone kept calling it Bugger Me. Apparently, it’s named after a mischievous Max spirit. Have they finally named a beer after the Manx Minx? More to my palate was Blakemere Navajo (3.9%) who’s pale, crisp, hop taste, easily makes it their best beer.

Now bring on Monday...


This had me giggling, especially the lines about Thatch. Have you heard about the 'Thatcher's dead' party being planned? First Saturday after her death in Trafalger Square, bring a bottle

Everything about this post was spot on...Copper Dragon, Kris Kristofferson what more could we want?
Tyson said…
That will be some party. Will Trafalgar Square be big enough???
Sean said…
It would be good if a brewer brought out a beer to celebrate the iron lady's demise.

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