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Sunday, 30 March 2008

knock knock

"Tell me who's that knocking at the knocking shop door tonight?"

A quiet venture today, with a late start drink wise, as the evening promised to be interesting. So, just a couple of pints warm up watching the mighty Man Utd cruise along.

Now, never being afraid to venture where other beerhounds fear to tread, I have been to all sorts of venues over the years. However, Saturday night was a first for me. It’s not everyday you get an invite to a brothel party. Well I don’t anyway. Having never been to a knocking shop before, the sociologist in me was curious to see the human zoo that patronise these establishments, both as customer and service provider. With the number of Camra types who I’ve discovered frequent these places, I’m surprised there isn’t a campaign for real ale in brothels! Anyway, a regular at such a place invited me along as his guest on the understanding that I would be merely an observer. Admittedly, apart from scientific curiosity, the lure of a free bar and buffet was a major consideration. Apart from an invitation to a Conservative fund raiser, it would be rude to refuse such an offer.

Notorious Girls are located about half a mile from the centre of Bury. It was a smart, large, building that seemed more like a gentleman’s club, rather than the stereotype knocking shop that perhaps I was expecting. Champagne was immediately forthcoming on entry, and a menu of available girls was presented for our delectation. Too wary (and too embarrassed), to admit I was only there for the booze and buffet; I managed to duck that challenge, and was admitted to the main party area. Here we were greeted by pounding music, and a surprisingly well stocked bar. Oh, and lots of top totty looking girls in various skimpy outfits. It has to be said, there certainly was a lot of eye candy around. Slightly more than we are use to in the Trackside, anyway. The punters were a mix of ages, whilst the ladies (not all of whom were working there), tended to be younger students and/or the more seasoned professional types. Apparently, these things go on till 4am. But, as my companion disappeared with his chosen escort, it became clear that I was the only non-punter there (my Asda shopping may have given me away), so I made my excuses and left.

An eye opener, in more ways than one. Don’t think the punting scene is for me, but I did say I’d pass the word for anyone who is interested. NG can be found at (http://www.notoriousgirls.co.uk/nghouse.asp) but remember there is no Camra discount-yet.


Stonch said...

You clearly don't subscribe to cliches such as "in for a penny..." and "when in Rome", but good work nonetheless! I have linked to this story.

ZakAvery said...

Tyson wrote: "Apart from an invitation to a Conservative fund raiser, it would be rude to refuse such an offer."

Actually, refusing an offer to go to a brothel is exactly the right thing to do - surely I don't have to explain why?

Tyson said...

Stonch-Thanks for the link. I consider myself a fearless investigator on the real ale front, but there are limits to what even I'll do to fit in!

Zak-I try not to be so judgemental. Not all sex workers are human trafficked East Europeans. These were mainly local girls opting to work in a safe, secure, environment. If a student-teacher chooses to supplement her income in this way, I see it rather as a problem of economics, rather than morality.

ZakAvery said...

OK, I take your point, but I don't agree with it. I won't carry on about it, because I don't want to besmirch your blog with inappropriate discussion.

mark said...

Gives a whole new meaning to undercover reporting!

Anonymous said...

wot no jokes about handpumps?

Tandleman said...

"With the number of Camra types who I’ve discovered frequent these places, I’m surprised there isn’t a campaign for real ale in brothels!"

Anyone I'd know then?

Tyson said...

I'm not going to name and shame-I'm saving that for my memoirs. You don't expect me to be a Deep Throat, do you???

Tyson said...

Anon-I'm shocked you'd make light of such a serious subject. The lack of real ale in knocking shops should be a worry for everyone.

Boak said...

I've been enjoying your blog for a while, and you're clearly quite an intelligent chap, so I'm quite surprised by what I read here. Not so much the fact you've been to a brothel and written a post about it. Incidentally, I've been to a brothel too, but sadly, didn't have such great japes.

No, it's more the justification - I can't believe you've gone for the old lie that prostitutes are doing it for a bit of fun / nice little earner. One or two, perhaps. Perhaps they start that way. Then comes the pimping, the drugs, the intimidation.

Meanwhile, the user of these places justifies it on the grounds that it's all just a bit of fun and everyone there is a consenting adult. The fact is, you have to be in a f*cked up kind of place to want to sell your body to losers.

Maybe I'm "judgemental" to say that, but I'll live with that.

Tyson said...

Thanks for the comments. As a sociologist, and a socialist, I see the situation as less black and white than the grim picture you portray.

As a sociologist I’m all too aware of some of the problems. Yes, there is a big problem on one level with drugs as motivation, just as drugs are a major factor in young offender burglaries. These often go hand in hand with the sex trafficking industry and operate on principles of intimidation. Note that these are all criminal offences already. The fault here lies with governments failing to enforce existing laws, and an unwillingness to tackle the deep-rooted underlying social economic causes.

I simply don’t agree with the sweeping statement that you have to be screwed up to be involved in the industry. There are whole groups of women who rationally choose the sex industry as a career choice. These will often operate from establishments, as mentioned in my article, exactly to protect themselves from the circumstances you mention. As a socialist, I support individual freedom of choice, AND the rights of women to be protected from unfair economic and personal pressures. In this, I take my lead from the English Collective of Prostitutes, who, I would suggest, know much more about the subject than most people-including me.
Their recent letter in the Guardian sums up my position on this subject.

So, whilst I don’t expect you to change your views, I hope you can acknowledge there is more to the topic than would first appear.

linda said...

I'm just surprised you haven't thought of attending one sooner. Bet you didn't know there was free booze.

Have to say I find it rather insulting to always portray the woman as a victim. I notice it's usually a man doing it, though. Funny that.

paul said...

Well said.Also,as a parlour regular I object to being described as a loser

Tandleman said...

Losers and users eh? I'd imagine you can only play the free drinks card once, without dipping your er... toe in the water as it were.

Boak said...

Linda - if that comment's aimed at me, then I should point out I'm a woman as well. But just as capable of patronising!

Tyson makes a well-argued case, and in fact, I used to be of exactly the same opinion myself. So I have indeed been known to change my views. It's a complex issue, and one not really suited to a beer blog. So I'll leave it there, and my next comment will be about beer.

Tyson said...

As you say, not really an issue for a beer blog. It's a complex topic and I actually use to think more along your lines.

Brothels on a beer blog. Which idiot thought of that???

ste said...

what about gay men?

Tyson said...

What about them?

ste said...

don't you ever think about them?

Tyson said...

No offence, but I have to say I don't think about gay men at all. Or straight men actually. I did use to have a dream about being trapped in a brewery with Kylie, but I'm all better thanks.

ste said...

im not gay.im just saying that gay men use brothels as well.and you don't hear them complaining.

Tyson said...

I don't suppose you do. There is a gay knocking shop in Bury, but, no, I won't be visiting there.

linda said...

It's no wonder. Men's naked flesh (Daniel Craig excepted) is generally of no appeal. They tend to prize their dangling bits much higher than we women do.

brothel creeper said...

i was disgusted at your visit to a brothel that had keg openly available,you should only visit brothels that have real ale.
there is a huge problem with keg trafficking,millions of barrels of keg are daily trafficked to the uk for the gratification of men,organised gangs from europe traffick keg & once here the keg is locked away in dingy warehouses with no hope of escape to eventually have to satisfy as many as 25 million men a day, any complaints and the keg are discarded,tossed away never to be seen again.the organised gangs make millions from keg trafficking. perhaps it should be made illegal to purchase keg