The Tracks of My Beer

A message reaches me from the ether. Could I manage an afternoon session in Bury? Of course, is the Vatican full of Nazis, is my reply. But I’m already booked up for the evening, so it will have to be an early start. Thus, after a false start at the Troughside, I find myself settled in at La Railside just before noon.

There is a diesel event on and whilst there are a few anoraks on the platform, luckily there is still space inside. Unfortunately, the Ossett I enjoyed on my last visit had gone, so it was decided we would start afresh and try everything left on the board. Acorn Old Moor Porter (4.4%) was very dark brown/black, with an aroma of roast malt, chocolate, and coffee. The initial bitter coffee taste gave way to a sweeter, almost liquorice flavour. A very good example of this style I thought.

Moorhouses Pride of Pendle was pale and pleasant enough, if just on the wrong side of sweet for my palate. Northern-Night To Remember was also on and it confirmed my earlier experience that it’s not a bad little beer, although my taste for bitter beers probably notches it up a little. Robinsons Double Hop (5%) was a disappointment, as usual. I consider this the weak link in Robbie’s regular beer portfolio. It’s too strong for a session beer, but fails to deliver the extra punch you might expect from its strength. The name leads you to expect something special, but despite being brewed with a blend of pale malts and East Kent Goldings, the result is only an average beer. Best of the session was Fyne Maverick (4.2%), copper-coloured, nicely balanced ale, with a nice bitter edge. Also tried was Riverhead Marsden Best (4.1%) which I don’t think I’ve had since Ossett acquired the brewery. I’m glad to report that it’s much improved. It use to be pretty ropey with all sorts of strange flavours, depending on when you tried it. This version was relatively undemanding, but had a little bitterness that the old version never had.

The picture shows The Stomach enjoying Pride of Pendle


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