Well despite all the talk of cataclysmic weather conditions, Saturday wasn’t that bad at all. Windy, yes, but the early morning sun convinced me it was safe to venture further afield. Thus, I set off for the Star Inn in Huddersfield. Its twice yearly beer festivals are real treats as all the beer is served via handpump, both in the pub and in an adjacent marquee.

An uneventful journey later, I found myself in the centre of Huddersfield. The Head of Steam proved very poor-I’d heard this was on the wane and this visit only confirmed it. Much better was the Station Tavern which had several decent beers on. Then it was a brisk walk down to Albert St and the main event.

Church End Iron Brew (4%) was reddish in hue and, as I feared, sweetish in palate. Weatheroak Frog March (4.5%) was another new one for me. An amber beer, it also was leaning on the malty side, albeit it with some coffee notes-interesting but not one for me. Much better was Cairngorn White Lady (4.7%) which was a Bavarian style cloudy wheat beer. Orange, lemon, and coriander are present here, with just the right spicy aftertaste. Also pleasing was Tollgate TGB (4.3%) which was light, lightly hopped and slightly fruity. Coach House Blueberry (5%) was one I hadn’t tried for awhile, but the memory didn’t cheat-this was indeed a very good fruit beer. Of the others, Sawbridgeworth Stout (4.3%) and Iceni Pilgrim (4.2%) were ones I’d tried before and were again quite palatable. Ufford Idle Hour (3.9%) proved better than expected-an amber beer with nice hop and citric tones and a good finish. Son of Sid Back to Black (4.1%) had the weird pumpclip I’ve heard so much about, but the beer itself was little to shout about.

And so the beers kept on flowing, as the light (and the weather) faded outside. Then a dilemma-is there time for a couple in the Rat & Ratchet before heading home? Well, if you insist…


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