bringing it all back home

Civilisation, and away from the fug of London! Too much to summarise here but, when not being chased by Dixon of Dock Green, I did manage a couple of pints in places both old and new. Even found Zeitgeist, despite their directions. Took a ride out to the Florence on Stonch’s nod, and my, that’s a bit ooh la la, isn’t it? Not a whippet post in site. Apart from the usual Spoons, I also looked up the Wenlock and the Betsey Trotswood. The Betsey being of nostalgic value as it was one of the first London pubs visited by Tandleman and I. Now it’s apparently home to some famous blogger or other.

So arriving back in Manchester with the morning beers wearing thin, I managed to squeeze a couple of Hall & Woodhouse Hopping Hares in. This 4.5% golden ale was pleasantly refreshing and apparently brewed with Super Styrian hops, which are new to me. It was also cool and at £1.19 was already making London a dim memory. However, I had to crack on. A quick drop off home, and then it’s hello Bury. Or technically, Ramsbottom, as I was back in the welcoming arms of the Good Samaritan. Nowadays a guy can’t even have a drink in his local without some Camra types holding a meeting there. Chaired by the legendary Tandleman, it faced tough competition from the football for everyone’s full attention. Beer wise I enjoyed Little Valley Midgley Mild (3.8%), which was a dark brown Mild and was surprisingly bitter for this style. I also sampled several pints of Elland Bargee (3.8%) which was very good, before finishing on the ever dependable Golden Pippin. Alas for young Eddie, the eager, legal, beagle, the excitement proved too much and he missed his last tram home. I blame his father for setting such a poor example. Rolan Bolan was still in the pub when we left. Honestly, parents these days…

It's always tempting to stay for one more at the Good Sam. The picture shows one customer who perhaps stayed just a little too long.


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