cheese of the week: dolcelatte

Now everyone (well one person, to be precise) is always saying I don’t mention cheese enough. I do in my other blog, but perhaps it’s time to rectify that here. So, let’s start with Dolcelatte.

This great Italian cheese is a creamy blue and is made from cow's milk. It has a sweet taste as the name suggests. Dolcelatte means "sweet milk.” It’s very soft and melts in the mouth like ice-cream. It was created by the Galbani Company who are famous for cheese making. The method of production is very similar to Gorgonzola, except that Dolcelatte is made from the curd of only one milking. It’s not a cheese for faint hearted weight watchers-100g contains about 366 calories. Affinage takes two to three months and the fat content is an artery busting 50 per cent. Similar cheeses include for example Dolceverde and Torta Gaudenzio. Quite rightly, it is one of the Italian cheeses that carry a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) under EU regulations.

I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to incorporate this cheese in my bread-making. However, used sparingly, it is a great pizza topping. I usually try and pick mine up half price at Tesco. People buy precise portions at the Deli counter and the odd amounts leftover are usually heavily discounted. I bought 210g for 90p yesterday which I intend to split between snacks and a pasta bake.


Paul Garrard said…
Not sure if you can get it in the UK but in Italy I've had a 'cheese' that is layers of Dolcelatte and Mascapone, delicious.
Tyson said…
Wow. That does sounds good.
Sometimes gorgonzola dolce and mascapone are layered and sold as Dolcelatte.
Good to see another beer blog giving coverage to cheese, I'm a little less ambitious with a cheese of the month rather than weekly.
Tyson said…
Don't think I have seen that over here. Dolcelatte is, er, Dolcelatte to me. I think it's just I'm very impatient-cheese of the month sounds much more sensible. Oh well, too late now:)
Runner Bean said…
I had Dolcelatte for the first time in a bistro in Leeds last weekend and am currently doing a search about it. I wouldn't have said I was a lover of blue cheese, but this was delicious, very sweet and creamy. It was served in a panini with roast mushrooms, peppers and mayo. Nicest thing I've tasted in ages. I'll be off to Tesco tomorrow to see if I can get some!

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