curry no favour

Okay, yes it was Wetherspoons again. The WHB had organised an impromptu Thursday night drink and the Curry Club seemed a good basis to build it upon. After all, even though the festival was over, the pub must have replenished its stocks. It couldn’t be as disappointing as last night, surely?

First signs were hopeful. Several new beers had replaced the blank pumps of yesterday. Hold one though, Old Bear Black Maria isn’t actually on- but hey, they only have 2 “coming soon” signs. Never mind, Old Bear Goldilocks (4.5%) will serve as a pre curry drink. Whilst acceptable, there wasn’t any real sign of the four hops it is apparently brewed with. Oh, and it was hazy-a situation we were about to become more familiar with. Having found the vegetable curry less than satisfying last time, my only option was the Kerala Fish dish. This proved disappointing with the mild sauce unable to balance out the strong fish taste. Not much better was the insipid Pedigree that came with it. In desperation I turned to Shepherd Neame’s Early Bird (4.3%) only to receive yet another hazy pint. Isn’t Cask Marque wonderful? Turns out the only thing approaching form was Jennings Snecklifter (4.1%), or is it just that dark beer hides its faults better? Anyway, good to see the Troughside back to its best.

Over at the Trackside, we faced a reduced beer choice as they gear up for their refit. Strangely it was much busier than usual for a Thursday evening. This turned out to be due to a stag party than were getting ready for a jaunt to Dublin and a day at the races. Facers Splendid (4.3%) is usually a safe bet, but not tonight. There was an absence of fruit that you could normally expect, and instead a distinct burnt malt aftertaste lingered. The WHB and I ploughed gamely on before calling it a day.

So, a distinct lack of luck on the beer front tonight. It left me wishing perhaps I should have been going to Dublin for the weekend.


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