Friday Night

So a nice, quiet, night in before another early start on Saturday. Oh no, not on your nellie. A message from Eddie, the young, eager, legal, beagle. Could I join him for a discussion on Black Forest fauna? I pleaded, I begged, but to no avail. Apparently I have to go out-it’s the law.

With the Trackside closed for refurbishment, the only possible starting point was the Peel. Having managed to avoid the dump for a week, I was naturally perturbed and worried about paying it a visit. I girded my loins and sent a silent prayer to Allāh al-ab for something decent to drink. And it looked like my prayer had been answered. On the bar were Bank Top Orient Line (4.2%) and Outlaw Boneshaker IPA (5%) both of which are good beers. The Boneshaker was in top form with pungent tangerine and grapefruit flavours making it very moreish. However, wary of its strength we were alternating it with the lemony Orient Line until that ran out. Unwilling to commit to a night on Boneshaker (the sun was just setting), we moved on. It was a real eye opener to see who actually drinks in there Fri teatime. From what we saw, it appears to be most of Bury’s scrotes. In fact, there were so many lowlifes knocking about that I thought it must be some sort of convention.

Whilst Eddie was obtaining some drinking vouchers, I popped into the Clarence to relieve some bladder pressure. Despite the booming music and it being Fri night, there were only five, very sad, punters. Amazing, considering its location in the centre of Bury. However, this was nothing compared to the bar opposite. Recently this has changed names more often than Don Ricardo changes his underpants. It’s currently calling itself Cocoa Lounge or something suchlike. Under the suspicious eye of the two suited gorillas on the door, I managed to capture the hive of activity inside. Or rather the lack of it. The place was practically empty. Surely a first for Bury, as the weekend crowd are hardly the most discerning customers. For Eddie and me, it was a taxi ride up to the Lamb on Tottington Road. Apparently this is a big local seller of George Wright beers. Blonde Moment (4%) was excellent and we squeezed two in before hitting the Help Me Thro where we enjoyed some very pleasant Wainwrights. From there it was just a hop and a skip to the Dusty Miller for some Moorhouses.

A midnight stroll took us back into town where Eddie persuaded me to accompany him to Pizza Pioneer. Fully pizzad up, I bid Eddie auf wiedersehen, and headed home and into the arms of Morpheus.


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