never can say goodbye

My name is Tyson and I’m a Wetherspoons addict. Well, that’s what it seems like at the moment. In my defence, I know it’s only a temporary condition, brought on by my local suddenly having something worth drinking. And people will insist on visiting it. As was the case last night. My evangelicalism of Stones IPA came back to bite me as it was suggested we make a night of it there. Curses, I must share my beloved Stones with outsiders.

Nazi Dean was drinking it when we arrived and he recommended we drink six pints of it each. Judging by the state of him, he already had. So, we settled in and even Stones virgins like the Stomach were impressed with it. But all good things must come to an end, and so it proved in this case. A few pints in and it ran out. At least it was crystal clear to the end this time. But what to do now? It was too early to respectably go home. And I could still manage a couple more. Never mind, there’s plenty on. Or is there…?

“A pint of Young’s, please.”
“Ok. Sorry that appears to have gone as well.”
“Ok, a pint of Sunchaser then.””Sure. Oh that appears to have gone.”
“So, how many of your 6 beers can I actually purchase?”
“Er, one-I think.”

So it was I ended up with Saltaire Fruit of the World (4.2%) which was, indeed, very fruity with a spicy finish. Interesting, but not sure I could manage much of it, so once more we found ourselves Trackside bound. Hop Back Spring Zing proved my first impression of it was correct-too much burnt malt in the finish to be palatable. Everards Sly Fox (4%) provided the taste challenge that was needed at this time of night. Although it’s brewed with Willamette hops and is light in colour, it’s a ginger beer by any other name. Officially, it’s got just a hint of ginger in it, but all I can say is that it must be a pretty big hint. Whilst not in the Marble Ginger league, it will definitely appeal to those who like that taste.

A mixed evening, really. Best beer was first which isn’t usually good, but it did kick start the evening and a few laughs were had.


Andy Holmes said…
Best beer first is a common affliction of mine. I seem to have a nack of looking at a row of handpumps choosing one, liking it and then finding that none of the others are quite as good. Maybe I just know what I like? I've tried making the choice then leaving it 'til last whilst I try the others but then often as not my anticipated favourite doesn't last until I'm ready to drink it. Aagh!
Tyson said…
I find it's like a supermarket queue in that way. Whichever one you choose, you think you've made the wrong choice.
Anonymous said…
Dean is no nazi!

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