a night at the dogs

A quick tour round led us to the Hare & Hounds in Holcombe Brook. Like the Good Sam, it was busy for a Wednesday night. 3 English Teams in the Champions League Quarter Finals, exclusive to Sky, was obviously paying dividends. Rather cleverly, I thought, we managed to secure seats with a view of the action, but out of the way of the main scrum. There was a somewhat apprehensive atmosphere, as most of the supporters were cheering on Liverpool, who were playing away. However, this changed with the security of the away goal, and there was plenty of good banter.

Beer wise, it was what’s called a Steve Davis night-pale and interesting. Not being a ticker I’m happy to settle for proven quality over quantity. And all the old friends tried proved to be winners yet again. Bank Top (4%) Flat Cap is an easy starter, but I went for the hops from the start. George Wright Pipedream (4.3%) was excellent as always, and Outlaw Boneshaker (5%) certainly made the most of its New Zealand hops. It delivered a lovely, grapefruit, citrus hop taste, that belied its strength. I have to admit I struggled to detect the passion fruit that is supposedly present though. I did try one new beer-George Wright Last Orders. This was 4.7% and seemed to lack the hop bite I associate with their beers. With all these excellent beers on, it would have been rude to move on, so yet again we held on till defeated by the bell. Ask not for whom etc…


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