room at the inn?

Interesting that the national media ( have just picked up on this little nugget, despite the pub having being open since December. Business isn’t exactly booming and I’m not surprised. Call me old fashioned, but a pub without alcohol isn’t actually a pub in my eyes. And this one doesn’t even have a TV. Now some bloggers might appreciate that, but it does make for a very quiet night. Hold on, there’s snooker-like snooker halls have. Hold on there’s a prayer room-er, bit like a mosque has, actually. It’s obviously more of a community centre, which is fine, but why dress it up a pub? Even the name “The Halal Inn” sounds more like a kebab shop than a public house. Sadly, I think the concept of a chain of these places is pure pie in the sky. The owners say they have spotted a gap in the market, but that’s what all the losers on Dragons Den say. Sometimes there is a very simple reason for a gap in the market-there’s just no demand for a product.

This inn isn’t that far away from me, so I just might pay it a visit. Then again, perhaps not. As the song says “there's nothing so lonesome, so morbid or drear. Than to stand in a bar of a pub with no beer.”


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