stone in love with you

Déjà vu all over again. Back in the Sam to watch the footie and sample the odd beer or three. Phoenix Arizona (4.1%) was fresh on, but perhaps a tad green as it lacked its usual clout. No mind, the Bargee was still excellent, but wait, what’s this? No chance of another as it’s all gone. Not 24 hrs on and already drunk. What greedy swines some people can be. Anyway, no time for tears as Bowland Patriot (4%) soon took its place. A nice golden ale, with pleasing crisp bitterness. A pint of Golden Pippin and a chat with the landlord? Well, if you insist. But this is not a one stop shopping spree, so it’s off we go on a wing a prayer to the bright lights of Bury.

The Railside was pretty quiet, but hey, I’m only here for the beer. Having said that, Joe Stalin did make an appearance and we exchanged views and news. Wickwar Cotswold Way (4.2%) was amber coloured and delivered a traditional Bitter finish. Not too shabby at all. Howard Town Dinting Arches (4.5%) was much different than I remembered it. Much more wheat beer like. I’m not sure it’s supposed to taste like that, but I quite liked it. Robinson’s Unicorn (4.2) tasted like Robinson’s, and the Hop Back Entire Stout (4.5%) was entirely stouty.

A tip off that it may be worth while visiting the Troughside proved accurate. There facing me, at last, was Stone’s California Double IPA (7%) which I had given up hope of seeing this close to home. A paranoid fear gripped me-what if everybody was drinking it and there wouldn’t be much left for me? No, it’s alright, the 4 scrotes next to me were drinking Guinness (£1.69 a pint) and arguing over who’s tasted best. Still, time’s pressing, so I doubled up anyway. Now kids, it’s not big or clever to drink 2 pints of this in 30 mins, but what can I say-I’m a slave to the hop. The following two pints were drunk at a more leisurely pace, before the bell of doom signalled home time. Can’t remember much about the journey home, I suspect I was on autopilot. However, this morning everything seemed in order, even the wrapper for the fish & chips I must have acquired had been properly disposed of.

All in all, not a bad night’s sortie.


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