Trackside to the rescue yet again

Not long home when a message from Eddie, the eager, legal, beagle. Could I meet him for a Marguerite and a discussion on post war German army uniforms? Luckily, the football was on terrestrial and not a Sky bandit affair, meaning even Wetherspoons would be showing it. So, putting my plans for bath scrubbing on hold, I set off, marvelling at how light it is now at teatime. I had barely got to the door when Don Ricardo phoned-was his beer radar that good? Two days into his holiday and he’d already had enough of babysitting and the like. So, we set off, wondering what festival delights the Robert Peel would provide.

The answer was, sadly, none. It had relapsed back into its stereotype. Pumpclips turned round, and still peddling the mainstream dross of Greene King. Phoenix Black Bee was on, but this is one the few Phoenix beers I don’t like, so what were the alternatives? It was a bit early for Westons Conquest Scrumpy, leaving only one choice. White Horse Wayland Smithy (4.4%) The first thing to note was that it’s a darkish beer, but definitely not red as described. Secondly, it was quite bitter, but not fruity (again as described), and I couldn’t understand why they had brewed it with Cascade hops. I’m yet to be impressed with this brewery. Not fancying any more of that, we made tracks for the Trackside.

Several reasonable beers on in the TS, thank God. The Elgoods was pale, but was too soft on the palate and lacked hop appeal. Vale (usually quite good I find), Wychert Ale (3.9%) was interesting. Amber in colour, it has an undertone of toffee and nut, with a bittersweet citrus finish. Not too bad at all. However, I was saving myself for York Decade (4.1%) which I had heard very good things about. And I’m glad to report it didn’t disappoint. A golden beer, it has a very moreish combination of fruit and hops. Comparisons were made to Bitter & Twisted and although different beers, I can see the resemblance. We stuck on this beauty for the rest of the evening, even after the Manx Minx had summoned Eddie to her side.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. And sure enough, last orders were soon peeling. Do barstaff really have homes to get to? Having only had breakfast to sustain me all day, I made a late night diversion to Fungry to enjoy some Oriental cuisine. A bad start, but beer (and football) wise, things turned out well.


Andy Holmes said…
Roma? No problem. We had to go to Doncaster and get a result!
Tyson said…
That does put things in perspective:)
Tandleman said…
York Decade was superb last Saturday. It must be doing the rounds at the moment.
Tyson said…
Indeed. It's a great beer. I forgot to mention that Phoenix Black Bee was also on at the TS. That must be doing the rounds as well.

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