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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Friday on my mind

A message from Eddie, the young, eager, legal, beagle. Could I join him for a couple of pints and a discussion on Russian jam-making? I was happy to oblige. After all, like any good athlete, I think it’s important to have regular exercise. So it was we ended up in the Railside contemplating life, the universe, and billiards. Phoenix Mayfly (4.6%) was light and easy drinking, despite its strength. Sadly, the good stuff never lasts long and so it proved this time, with us saying au revoir to it all too quickly. We settled for Millstone Tiger Rut (4%) as a replacement. This, like all their beers, was lively and had a pleasing zesty body and a moderate bitter finish. However, this was beaten for beer of the evening by a new arrival. Acorn Summer Pale (4.1%) was a clear wheat beer with a great citrus bite, and a nice dry finish. Very refreshing. It managed to keep us occupied until Eddie had to leave for his water polo trials.

A nice little session that eased me into the weekend.

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