Friday's Child

Oh no, a message from Eddie, the young, eager, legal, beagle. Could I join him for a Pina Colada and a discussion on Victorian ornithology. I was still laagered up from yesterday, but resistance is futile as they say. So with Wetherspoons once more a complete waste of time, it was down to the Trackside for some liquid relief.

A varied selection, but they were mostly on the strong side. Batemans XXB and Vale Gravitas both weighing in at 4.8%. The Vale, despite its name, was golden in colour and had a nice fruity hop presence. Bazens Pacific (3.8%) would have been ideal, but despite recent promising signs, this had that awful smoky taste that seems to be ever present now. Okells Castletown (3.8%) was copper coloured and had an easy going fruit/malt balance. However, we were drawn inextricably to Oakham Haka which at 5.7% wasn’t ideal session material, but the lure of the hop proved too much. A golden beer with a pronounced citrus hop kick, it went down all too easily.

We would have moved on, and saved our liver (and our heads), some grief, but for Joe Stalin. He was just calling in for one and joined us for a chat. Of course, one very rarely means one, and so it proved this time. I don’t know if it was the Haka kicking in, but somehow we ended up bluetoothing "Das Mädchen unter der Laterne” (Lili Marlene) to each other. That, and his tales of youthful sexual experimentation, kept us enthralled. Luckily the more reasonable Bradfield Blonde (4%) came on towards the end of the session and we just managed a Titanic Golden Age (4.6%) before we were beaten by the bell.
A night of philosophy and politics. Of art and music. Of sexual derring-do. Not to mention six hours worth of beer disappearing down the urinal of life...


Tandleman said…
And where did Joe get that song from? I know!

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