He's Just a Stereotype

So it’s Rangers 1 Manchester 0. Talk about stereotypes. Tattooed jocks drinking cans of Tenants Super Strength at 8am. Which bright spark decided it would be ok for 100000+ to be allowed to drink in the streets? Normally, law abiding real ale drinkers are forced to endure plastic glasses even within confined open areas. A load of tartan terrors arrive and it’s “ah bless em; let them wander round with bottles, cans, pints, whatever they like.” Actually which bright spark was responsible for inviting them in the first place? What do you think Hadrian’s Wall is for? And now of course there won’t be any screenings on Weds as the city council are running scared.

Remind me to pay my respects next time I visit Glasgae...


Tandleman said…
Bad organisation and a load of pissed peeps. Could have been predicted.
paul said…
Whoever allowed this should be named and shamed.

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