Hot Love

Well the weather put paid to ideas of some nice al fresco drinking in Bury’s far flung haunts. So a quick pint in the Trackside, and a chat with a frisky Joe Stalin, before jumping a bus up to the Hairy Mounds. First choice was Outlaw Mayflower (3.7%) which was light and easy drinking, but not quite as hoppy as perhaps expected. Leyden Dragoon (4.2%) was dark and tasted like, er, Leyden. The less said about that the better, really. Moor Revival (3.8%) was excellent, being both light and deliciously hopped with 3 varieties of American hops. Whilst Pythagoras fought off the munchies with food, I staved off hunger with more beer. Kelham Island White Rider (5.2%) was a cloudy wheat beer. An interesting concept and usually these are pretty good when presented as cask versions. However, like most of their beers, this was a disappointment. It was quite bland with only a hint of lemon to excite the palate. Northern Determination (3.8%) was more in the Leyden category, being earthy with only a slight bitterness to redeem it. Outlaw Wild Mule (3.9%) was a fitting finale before we headed back to the Trackside.

There it was more pints of Acorn Summer Pale (4.1%) which seemed to have some aphrodisiac effect on Don Ricardo. Unfortunately (for him, anyway), his amorous advances were soundly repelled, and at one point it looked like he was certain of a slap or two. However, he survived unscathed and managed to make it to the Stomach’s for a well deserved curry. Trishna supply curry’s of the highest order and my Biryani was sublime. We had requested the hottest dish that they could possibly counjour up to satisfy Don Ricardo’s twisted cravings. On the menu Vindaloo is the hottest available, but they were happy to prepare a Super Chicken Phal. This was approximately 4 times the strength of a Vindaloo and came with a good luck message inscribed on the lid. You could smell it from across the room and the chillies were eye watering from several feet away. Proving his asbestos stomach is no myth, he proceeded to rapidly scoff it, helped along with liberal amounts of Italian liqueur. I suspect the Sunday morning aftermath of that combination will be quite spectacular!


linda said…
Don Ricardo touching any part of a woman's body is too terible to contemplate.

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