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Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Lamb

The Lamb Inn is a cosy roadside pub on Tottington Road. It’s about 1.5 miles from the centre of Bury and is served by the 468 and 469 buses. At one time Tottington Road was a good crawl in itself and, in my schooldays, you were considered lucky if you made it into the centre of Bury. Now, like everywhere else, it’s a different story. The pubs are still there, but trade is much scarcer and a good pint is hard to find. Some years ago, the Lamb was just ticking along as yet another undistinguished locals boozer. Then Derek and his son took over, and they were keen to bring cask back to the fore. They tried various beers and now seem to have hit upon the winning formula. Most of the time there is just one beer on, but it’s always a George Wright brew. Interestingly, such is the locals’ high regard for the brewery that it changes every time. This approach to quality over quantity has paid off and trade is now steady at 4 firkins a week. Last night I enjoyed Northern Light (4.5%) a new GW beer to me. It was intensely bitter and certainly not for the fainthearted. It certainly tickled my palate, but would probably cause palpitations in the average John Smiths drinker. A very good beer in a very well run local. So good, in fact, that the intended two or three became five. For the anoraks, I also noted that they have football in HD.

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