Lush But Not Plush

Lush is a bar in the centre of Bury. Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s a dump. Last November it gained some notoriety by becoming the first venue in Bury to have its licence revoked since the new licensing regime came into force. But before Bury residents could pop the champagne corks, it had reopened as “good as ever.” Oh dear, was I the only one who saw what was coming? Don’t the licensing committee read my letters? Perhaps they do, or it might simply be a case of once bitten, twice shy. For the powers that be have thrown out an appeal against the bar’s second enforced closure.

Last month’s incident centres round what police called a “serious degree of mismanagement.” Or what locals are calling a (John) Waynesque Wild West free-for-all. The first the police knew about it was when they spotted a blood drenched, punch happy, yob staggering around in the early hours. Further investigations revealed that a little altercation had taken place at Lush. Captured on CCTV was a fight involving brick, knives, and glass bottles. The resulting melee ended up with three people stabbed and one beaten unconscious. And what did the staff do? Ring 999 of course. Er, no, it appears they did absolutely nothing. Call me cynical, but I can’t help but think that the manager was thinking more about his licence than public order. Now I’ve learnt the reasons behind this bit of horseplay and it’s just what you’d expect from numptys of their calibre. Although no “innocents” were injured, and half of me thinks anyone setting foot in such a cesspit deserves a smack, it’s just not on. It wouldn’t be too bad if the media led on “Knobhead in Shit Keg Dive Attacks Other Knobhead in Shit Keg Dive.” But alas, I can’t see the local paper putting it like that. It will just be more ammunition for the anti alcohol brigade.

So let’s hope this time it is finally curtains for Lush. Ideally, it might prove a sanitary lesson that licensing is less about numbers-lets have lots in the centre, but woe betide a local trying to get a late night licence, and more about quality. And looking at the infrastructure surrounding late night town centre drinking wouldn’t be a bad thing either.


Dondon said…
Based from what I read, it's really Lush not a Plush....

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