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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Prague Musings Dve

Beer wise there were some very reasonable Dark beers. And I quite enjoyed some of the crisp Pales that we came across, although they were not generally in the German class of quality. Ditto for the Wheats, which generally didn’t quite deliver as much as they promised. Tankova, or unpasturised Pilsner Urquell, was a novelty and although noticeably less gassy than its ordinary stablemate, the novelty factor did fade remarkably quickly. Likewise the real Bud and the various yeast beers that seem to be all the rage. I was suitably impressed with beers from both Bernard and Ferdinand, but less so by what Krusovice had to offer.

Ok, let’s talk specifics. U Fleku more than lived up to its billing. A great place with some excellent beer. I think Gazza is a little churlish with it. What more can you ask for than good beer in a good location? Is it expensive? Well, it’s not actually. Tourist prices of 60Kc seem cheap when some backstreet dives were asking 80Kc. Even better was Pivovarsky Klub which was handily close to the hotel. This is a delightful bar offering a great range of beers. My only grip was that they throw you out at 2300-hardly the stuff of continental Europe. U Medvidku was vast and pricey, and the world’s (allegedly), strongest beer was, frankly, pants.

Novomestsky Pivovar was interesting, but sadly they wouldn’t allow you to stay if you were only drinking. I would have pushed the point, as advised by Gazza, but my companions had already concluded it wasn’t our type of pub. Well maybe not theirs, anyway. Which brings me onto the Prvni Pivni Tramway. This is accurately described by Evan’s guide as smoky and dark. Yes it’s a locals pub that is indeed dark and smelly, selling average beer. Oh and it’s tram themed-I think that’s supposed to be good. Frankly, when it’s 23C outside the last place I want to spend the afternoon is somewhere like that. I could have stayed in Bury for that. But people do often confuse different with good, and basic for atmospheric, and hence it has its supporters. Sometimes though, a pig in a poke is exactly that…


Tandleman said...

I agree entirely with your summing up, though I am more kindly disposed to Prvni Pivni Tramway. I thought it interesting and unique and with no worse beer than many other places. As for unfiltered lager beer - my views are plain and consistent. It is crap with very few exceptions. I'll do my summing up tomorrow probably.

Andy Holmes said...

I think the unfiltered Bernard is fabulous when I drink it in York. However, that's maybe just because Bernard beers are all good. The barman said he preferred the filtered version, I dismissed this and didn't try it, maybe a mistake?

linda said...

Prague is a great city to visit, although it lacks that wow factor. Germany is better for beer and places like Ghent are better for pubs. Some nice places to buy clothes and jewellery, though.

Tyson said...


Yes, I think you would be surprised by the difference.

rachel said...

60kc cheap? I've been living in Prague since Easter and have never paid more than 25-35kc for .5L of delicious beer. Ok, once near the castle I paid 80kc on accident and wanted to scream!

Tyson said...

60Kc at U Fleku was relatively cheap when you comapre quality. As I said, there were places near the hotel (not tourist traps) that were charging 80Kc. Yes, 30Kc is about the average, but there is a lot of variation.