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I went, I saw, and I drank. A lot. So goes the story of Prague. Forty three pubs and various other establishments visited. The good, the bad, and the ugly Thank God I can’t remember all of them! My general impressions seem to be on an accord with Tandleman’s. Beer wise, it’s okay, if not spectacular, although as the Big T says, when it is good, it’s very good. Despite the hordes of stag parties, its image as a cheap beer haven is something of a myth, with prices varying greatly. The transport system makes it very easy to get round-I loved the metro, but even with a good map the lack of street names in central areas can cause problems. Facilities for disabled travellers were frankly shocking for an EU country. Yes the waiters were (generally), as surly as promised, and they need to visit Germany to see how an efficient beer totting system operates.

Guide wise I also concur with TM. They all suffer from, probably unintentional, personal bias. Gazza’s was the best for idiot proof directions, and if sometimes his scooping obsession blinds him, his enthusiasm was a treat. Evan Rail’s guide was very thorough but a little editing is needed here I would suggest. A pub isn’t good simply by lieu of selling unpasturised Urquell. Ditto a basic boozer just selling Bud. Sometimes a dump is just a dump. Quality varied as did price. 30Kc seemed to be an average, although many places were more expensive. With pubs in Wenceslas Square charging 90KC, the hotel bar seemed (unusually for a hotel) a bargain at 70Kc. Which was something I was glad about when I picked up the bar tab on Sat night/Sun morning…


rachel said…
Oh I see, I take back my shock! :)

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