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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

We Are The Champions

So, having shook off the post-Prague blues, it was time to celebrate. What to do? Something amazing, something spectacular, obviously. Fireworks? No, too sunny for that. A grand street party? Maybe another time. A few drinks round Manchester had to suffice then. Followed by some alfresco drinking outside the Trackside. Where I was joined by the Whitefield Holts Bandit for a couple. I knew what I was going to be drinking later, so early doors were spent experimenting. Titanic Black Ice (4.1%) was dark and interesting-roast malts as expected, but hints of fruit and pepper as well. Howard Town Hope (4.1%) was light and completely lacking in character. This brewery has really gone off the boil and all their new beers seem to be very average. Hornbeam Bitter (3.8%) proved to be the best of the lower strength beers, with a nice bit of bitterness coming through. Joe Stalin staggered in for (literally this time) one drink, and his departure coincided with the WHB also leaving. Left alone, without a chaperone, what else could I do but try the special Marble IPA. This 6.6% beauty had the hue and bite of a true IPA, or what purists like to think of as a real IPA anyway. What matters is that it was very good and kept me company till the sun was setting over the yardarm. At which time I gingerly made my way to Pizza Pioneer and treated myself to a half price pizza-as I’ve discovered the sort of treat all too rare in foreign climates.

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