Wednesday's Child is Full of Beer

At last a chance to detox-better late than never. But, oh no, I’m afraid not. A business visit to Hydes brewery leads (naturally) to a few pints at their well appointed bar. And then a quick couple in the Britons Protection. Never mind, there’s still all night to pack and chill out. But, oh no, I’m afraid not. A message from Eddie, the young, eager, legal, beagle. Could I meet him for a Harvey Wallbanger and a discussion on pre Romanov art? Absolutely not. And yet somehow I found myself going al fresco at the Trackside. Bazens Knoll Street Porter was good, but naughtily posted on the board as Janet Street Porter. Northern Hit and Run (4.5%) was bizarre, with an overwhelming raspberry puree taste. We tried our luck at Wetherspoons only to find all 3 beers on offer were undrinkable. A taxi up to the Lamb revealed George Wright Brewers Ruin (4.3%) which was on the sweet side for their beers. Thoroughbred Gold (4%) was also sweet at the Help Me Thro, but the Wainwrights was much better. Finally we tried some Moorhouses Premier at the Dusty Miller. Then it was time for me to pour myself into a taxi and for Eddie to get curried up.

Oh well plenty of time for packing and detoxing tomorrow morning.


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