What a Difference a Day Makes

By yesterday’s level of excitement, Tuesday’s excursions were positively listless. However, they did produce some good beer-which, after all, is the main thing. Once more finding myself in the great metropolis, I decided to kill some time before heading home with that most natural of remedies-beer. Not bearing a grudge I decided to include another JD Wetherspoons in my trawl. And I was glad I did, as, in sharp contrast to yesterday’s fiasco, this one really delivered on the beer front and proved the best of the night.

The Waterhouse is a large, multi-roomed boozer situated on the corner opposite Manchester Town Hall. Named after Alfred Waterhouse, the famous architect who gave us Manchester Town Hall and Strangeways (as everyone still calls it), to name but two. Interestingly, he only came fourth in the competition to build the town hall, but that’s another story. It’s rather strangely laid out with a small back bar that tends to get crowded very easily. Even though it’s smarter than the average JDW (and more expensive), there is still the usual lack of atmosphere associated with JDW’s. Is Joe Stalin the only person to think any of them have any ambience at all?

Anyway, most importantly, the beer was very good. Titanic Iceberg (4.1%) was very light, with good refreshing hop notes. Also nice and hoppy was Phoenix Hopsack (3.9%) which had a dry finish that simply demanded another pint or three. A lot of posters advertising the forthcoming wine festival which starts Wednesday, but I suspect football will intercede to make it very much a beer day.

Isn't that sweet? Kevs Special-I'm sure he is...


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