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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)

Or crash, bang, wallop what a photograph. There I was in the big city, relaxing after a spot of Tiffin, and seeking some liquid refreshment. Being in the neighbourhood, I thought I’d check the Seven Stars at the Printworks. For those not in the loop, the Printworks is a leisure complex in Manchester city centre. It comprises a multi-screen cinema (including IMAX), and several bars. The Seven Stars is a JD Wetherspoons which, rather unusually for them, doesn’t open for breakfast. It tends to be a late night haunt, but I was still surprised at how few people there were in, considering its location and the availability of food.

A quick glance told me there was, as usual, nothing on offer likely to tempt me. So I headed for the exit, stopping only to snap a photo of the bar. And that’s where my problems began. A woman rushed up to me, completely spoiling my photo btw (hence this official one of the exterior) and demanded to know why I was taking photos. When I enquired what it had to do with her, she said she worked there. I explained it was for the web and was informed I should ask permission first. I replied I didn’t need permission-I wasn’t photographing children or even individuals, and that last time I checked it was still, mainly, a free country.

By now some apron-wearing jobsworth had joined in, enquiring if I was causing trouble. I explained once again, only to be told that I should ask permission and explain what it’s for. The reason I don’t ask permission says I, is because I won’t get it. After all, it’s about to illustrate a piece on how bad the pub is. Mr Apron then says hand the phone over or we will call the police. I think it was at this point I told him to go pleasure himself where the Fosters doesn’t shine. I was quite looking forward to a chat with the Old Bill by now, but Miss Frostyknickers intervened to say it would be better if I just left. Which is what I did. But not before pointing out that was exactly what I was intending to do some ten minutes earlier. I only wish now I had thought to snap both of them. Ah well, maybe next time.

I should point out that this incident took place BEFORE any alcohol was ingested!


The Sd said...

Good for you for telling them to piss off.

paul said...

What a bunch of fascists.

Paul Garrard said...

Not enough people taking tiffin these days. Perhaps the staff at JDW need to chill out a bit, have tiffin.