73 Not Out

In this case, that great song wordsmith, Leonard Cohen. It was a return trip to the Opera House, to see this legend perform. As year became year after his last tour, many moons ago, I don’t think anyone thought he’d play on these shores ever again. And yet, here he was, an amazing 73 and full of the joys of life. Well, as joyous as Leonard Cohen can be. Actually, his songs aren’t the misery fest of popular legend, but full of humour and subtle human observation. And age certainly has not withered him-he delivered a show of Springsteen proportion. Highlight for me: So Long, Marianne. But it could have been any one of a number of classics.

Yet another great night out in the UK’s top city. This is becoming something of a habit.


bluebirder said…
Keeps you out of those Boggart infested holes I guess.
PS Leonard Cohen rules!
Paul Garrard said…
"Actually, his songs aren’t the misery fest of popular legend, but full of humour and subtle human observation."
The same could be said for the great god Steven.
I find LC a little too much to take most of the time.
I was there, too, last night. What a performance! It was almost a life-changing experience, the best gig I've EVER been to and I've seen all the greats.

Don't know what it has to do with beer, but glad you posted it. But the picture you've posted makes Len look like an al feller - he was looking young and sprightly last night, especially smoozing up to those three beautiful backing singers.

Think I'll make "closing time" my anthem from now on. It seemed especially poignant as I walked back to the car, passing all those empty corporate bars like Giraffe, that have sprung up all over Manc to no good effect.

What a FUNKIN good gig though, still coming down from it.
P.S. I think you'll find Liverpool is the Uk's top city. (;
Tyson said…
Liverpool-never heard of it!

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