De Do Do Do De Da Da Da

Another day in the life of the cultural capital of the world. Yes, of course I mean Manchester. The Police were in town, or the Old Bill as some wit has christened them. They are, of course, a popular musical combo who have reunited to please their fans. Or, for lots of money. Either way, it’s a very long time since I last saw them in concert, so I was curious to see how Father Time had treated them. Overall, very well, and if they had played around with the arrangement of some songs, it was mainly for the better. Of course there can be problems with concerts in the MEN and I’m not sure the sound was always as good as it should have been. Still, worth it to hear Mr Summer belt out Roxanne, once more.

Luckily there was time for a few drinks beforehand, as no one in their right mind will pay stadium prices for slosh served in plastic. I started adventurously with Titanic Longitude (4.4%) but soon wished that I hadn’t. This copper coloured beer had far too much caramel sweetness, made even worse by a burnt malt aftertaste that made it quite unpleasant. Better was Derwent Whitwell & Marks IPA, which was also 4.4%. This was golden, but quite thin, with more malt than I would have liked, but still an improvement.

Things started looking up with Skinners Cornish Knocker (4.5%). This was also a golden ale, but with much more about it. A nicely balance of malt and hop made it quite refreshing. However, the best was yet to come. Robinsons Dizzy Blonde (3.8%) was in much better condition than last time I tried it. This time it lived up to its appearance. A clean, straw coloured session beer, it had the perfect balance of biscuit malt and subtle citrus fruit. Who can resist a tasty dizzy blonde? Obviously not me as I managed three before reluctantly dragging myself away.

Afterwards was something of a whisky fest, but that’s something we probably should draw a veil over...


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