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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Well, it had to happen one day. I’ve finally come across a Boggart fan. And, apparently, there are more waiting to come out of the closet! I have actually met a Boggart fan before. Well, two really, but I don’t count the second one as he was seriously bonkers. It was on the excellent “A swift One” that this shocking revelation came to light

It’s interesting that Boggart’s reputation hasn’t crossed over to our Yorkshire cousins. Everywhere I go, the mere mention of Boggart is enough to drive people into a rabid gnashing of teeth. And I know Tandleman isn’t their biggest fan either. Perhaps Yorkshire Water adds something to keep the locals sedate?

Next week, an Owl fan… (Yes I do know they’ve gone kaput, thank God)


Gazza Prescott said...

I've a lot of time for Boggart as a company being, as they are, a huge distributer of micro beers and therefore loads of lovely scoops for me. Their beer, however, is atrocious - they all seem to have a harsh phenolic burnt plastic taste to them, no idea why as they were good when they started and Mark Dade did come excellent beer when he brewed at the Marble.

a swift one... said...

They must be doing something right to stay in business eight years and whilst I wouldn't say I've enjoyed everything they've done (I wouldn't say that about any brewer) I've certainly been impressed more often than not - especially recently. We don't see tons of the stuff here so perhaps they're sending us their best and keeping the rubbish for you guys! ;-)

ian said...

Is this some sort of joke? If so,it's not very funny.Boggart beers are the worst in Britain.Undrinkable slop that belongs in a chemical factory and not a brewery.

sean said...

In 30yrs of drinking, Boggart are the only beers I can't stand.

Tyson said...

I take the point about being in business for 8 years, but the distribution side accounts for most of it. Like Gazza, I admire that side of their business and use them when ordering for festivals etc. Also like Gazza, I admired Mark when he brewed at Marble. Where did it all go wrong?

John said...

I've got to hold my hand up here Tyson, Boggart do two beers I really like Dark Mild and Bog Sleigh.

I'll get me coat!

Tyson said...

I'm beginning to think this is some sort of conspiracy. Are you Mr Boggart in disguise? Can't recall trying Bog Sleigh, but Boggart Mild I find unbalanced and not a good example of the style. However, as this post shows, it takes all sorts!

John said...

It may dismay you further to hear that the last time my local had the dark mild in I drank it to the exclusion of the 9 other real ales on offer (after a few exploratory pints from other breweries)

Tyson said...


You have a stomach of iron, that's all I can say!