Lowry Laughs

A nice bit of Sunday culture at the Lowry. That’s in Salford. Yes, they do have arts and entertainment in Salford. An evening with the anarchic comedian, Arthur Smith. Just time for a bottle of Coldwater Creek Chardonnay beforehand and a few pints of Knoll St Porter afterwards. The show itself was excellent, with Smith at his idiosyncratic best, covering everything from poetry to Tommy Cooper anecdotes. He also, naturally, did his grumpy old man act from TV.

A nice start to the week.


SheyMouse said…
Brilliant. I like Arthur Smith. I always listen to the Smith Lectures on a Saturday on BBC2.
Tyson said…
Yeah, have to say, he was brilliant. Judging by their age and talking to some people, I think the majority there were fans of his radio work.

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