Take A Dump With Darling

I see that San Francisco are proposing to hold a ballot on whether to rename a sewage works after George W Bush. Apparently, the only serious opposition is from people who think it’s unfair to name such a useful institution after GWB. Anyway, I think it’s a good idea and wondered if we couldn’t do something similar here? Alistair Darling surely deserves some recognition for his sterling work on behalf of the licensed trade. There must be a useless building out there just crying out for a rename. The Darling Dump, perhaps? But then I thought, hold on. What about opening a brewery and calling it after our beloved chancellor. You could take a bit of Boggart, throw in some Leyden and sprinkle with Wooden Hand. It would be truly awful. However, it would then give us the opportunity to write headlines such as “Alistair Darling is shite” or indeed “Alistair Darling gives me the shits.”

Just a thought...


paul said…
Alistair Darling makes me puke.

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